Cyc is short for cyclorama which is a curve backdrop that can be use to create the illusion of sky on stage. Most cycs are white because white isn’t visual in the background allowing for other background images to be inserted as background scenes. White cyc Hollywood can be a large curtain going all the way to the floor that fully encloses the stage on three sides. Successful and effective white cyc Hollywood needs to be seamless, clean, have no visual corners or sharp angles to avoid unwanted shadows and flaws showing up in the finish background. White cyc backdrops were first used in nineteen century Germany theaters. One studio in Hollywood has been producing movies and shows using white cyc since 1919 and is called Hollywood Center Studio.

At Hollywood Center Studio several movies and TV shows have been produced on the lot. The TV shows produced at Hollywood Center Studio include: 1) I love Lucy 2) The Adams Family 3) The Beverly Hillbillies 4) Jeopardy 5) The Cosby Show. Popular movies made at Hollywood Center Studio are: 1) The Karate Kid 2) When Harry Met Sally 3) Misery 4) The Player.

Hollywood white cyc studios at Hollywood Center Studio features: 1) Eleven full service sound stages with silent air, and audience rated New virtual set stages with various square feet: 4400, 10,700 and 14,400. 2) Numerous convenient and well appointed dressing rooms and other support areas 3) Onsite lighting, grip rentals, and expendable sales 4) Five all digital TV control rooms-three recently upgraded to HD-TV 5) Prompt responsive technical and facility support staff 6) Production, editing offices, scenery storage and shop space 7) Twenty four hour security, and ample parking for more than one thousand vehicles.

Hollywood Center Studios features white cyc Hollywood virtual studios for web casts that feature: 1) A host and other talent can be place in a virtual set that looks real to the viewer. 2) The individual gets to choose from a dozen pre-rendered sets or have a custom set design. 3) External camera feeds for interviewing people outside of the studio. 4) The individual gets the choice to air his web cast live or have it recorded for airing later. 5) The web cast facility includes professional grade lighting and multiple HD cameras. 6) Able to add graphics and titles, mix studio and apply multi-channel video effects on the fly. 7) Suitable for one time events or ongoing series. 8) Cut cost while boosting production value. 9) Control rooms with the latest equipment.

Hollywood Center Studio white cyc Hollywood studios can be rented to major movie production companies or rented by an individual who needs the space of a large white cyc Hollywood backdrop that they can’t achieve in their own studio like web casts.

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