Why Mental Health Professionals Should Evaluate Will Smith


Will Smith’s brazen attack on Chris Rock at the Oscars is telling. That is why mental health and fitness experts want to appraise his actions. Graphic: Instagram

Will Smith’s brazen assault on comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars proceeds to be jarring for many individuals. These types of a screen of violence is telling, and that is why psychological well being pros have to have to assess Will Smith’s actions.


Due to the fact Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars phase, I have been asked many occasions what I feel about the episode. My response was generally, “Thank you, Chris Rock.” The observe-up dilemma was often, “What do you suggest. Thank you, Chris Rock?” Normally, I shy absent from continuing the discussions due to the fact of the unfathomable enthusiasm that dictates them. My emotion is that the problem could have been worse had Chris responded differently. Also, I imagine Will Smith’s actions points to a larger sized challenge. That is why mental wellness gurus must examine his psychological acuity.

To recognize Will’s behavior at the Oscars, it is most effective to begin with an evaluation of the joke.

The G.I. Jane Joke

A great deal has been stated about the joke that bought Chris Rock the dirty slap he got from Will Smith. Many keep mentioning Jada’s alopecia as if that was what the joke was about. Completely not! The joke was about her small haircut and how it appears to be like like that of G.I. Jane in the motion picture of the similar title.  

Did the G.I. Jane Joke Disparage Jada Pinkett Smith?

No, it did not. G.I. Jane, starring Demi Moore as Jordan O’Neil, is a motion picture about a woman naval officer who succeeds in a patriarchal environment. Her struggles, willpower, and survival proved that girls are in no way less than gentlemen. The feminist undertone makes G.I. Jane a rallying cry for females fighting for gender equality.

Chris Rock’s G.I. Jane joke did not disparage Jada. Comparing her to G.I. Jane is putting her on the similar pedestal as a hero who proved that women of all ages can maintain their personal in any job. In actuality, to be likened to G.I. Jane is to be a hero. By extension, it is possible to conclude that Chris Rock was advocating for Jada to be in the 2nd G.I. Jane motion picture.  Perhaps he thinks she is superior ample to participate in Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil.

All these linking Chris Rock’s joke to Jada’s alopecia will need to just take time to enjoy the video of the slap at the Oscar yet again. Even following Will slapped Chris Rock, he recurring several occasions that the joke was about G.I. Jane. “Wow, dude. It is a G.I. Jane joke,” he said continuously. This proves that Chris Rock experienced no sick will, pardon the pun, towards Jade or Will. His joke was not about alopecia but about an outstanding movie character who appears to be like like Jada.

Displaced Aggression

Could Will slapping Chris be the situation of displaced aggression? Perhaps it was. For a superior component of the night time, comedians poked enjoyment at Jada and Will. Though the pair laughed at most of the jokes, a fit of anger could have been brewing within Will mainly because a lot of of the jokes touched on Jada’s anomalous behaviors. Contributing to Will’s anger could be the different tales about Jada and her indiscretions that have dominated the information not long ago.  The humiliation of Will Smith on 1 of the episodes of the Purple Table Discuss, the place he experienced to brazenly discuss his wife’s connection with a younger man, could have also contributed to brewing rage within.

The cumulative influence of these weird ordeals and the mortification they deliver can be heart-shattering. Any guy will be discomfited by a wife who demonstrates as a lot of solecisms as Jada, especially if you are striving to do the ideal point.  Will must have questioned himself several issues about what he was accomplishing mistaken in his marriage. His bruised and diminishing ego should have forced him to issue his very own masculinity.  The concern then will become, “How do I redeem my masculinity?”

The Slap: An Explosion of Repressed Anger

When Chris Rock told his joke about Jada, Will observed it amusing at to start with. That was until eventually Jada gave him the evil eye. Like a male seeking to redeem himself or generating an effort to reclaim his masculinity, Will got up from his chair and walked all the way to the stage, in which he gave Chris a dirty slap on the confront. Then he walked back again to his seat and yelled, “Get my wife’s name out of your f–king mouth.”

Will’s angry outburst telling Chris to cease conversing about his spouse appears to propose that the cause for the slap could be extra than the joke instructed by Chris Rock. It is possible to conjecture that Will has had it for Chris for a extended time, possibly because of the last joke, he informed about Jada not being invited to the Oscars various years. So, Will’s reaction to the G.I. Jane joke could be an explosion of repressed anger.

Will Smith could have dealt with his anger in a different way. He could have long gone backstage to chat to Chris about his inner thoughts. I bet Chris would have apologized and described that he intended no hurt. Will Smith could also have complained to the organizers of the celebration, who would have accomplished their position of conversing to Chris and hooked both of them up for an afternoon beer session. Unfortunately, Will selected violence. Of course, in front of the whole environment. What a calamity.

Weeping Hollow

When Will received his Oscars for greatest actor, he cried and mentioned so several things, which include that “Love will make you do mad issues.” Perfectly, Mr. Will Smith, mad items should really not be a display screen of violence in front of the total entire world. Listed here are some solutions of the ridiculous things really like can make you do.  One crazy issue could have been placing gorgeous purple rose petals on the Oscars hall ground as your spouse walked in to verify your adore. A different nuts factor could be obtaining advert time for tens of millions of bucks through the Oscars displays to sing appreciate music to your spouse.  Injuring other individuals for the reason that of appreciate will land you where you least expect it, Mr. Smith.  

Will Smith Should Be Evaluated by Mental Wellness Specialists

Psychiatrists, psychologists, social personnel, and other mental health and fitness experts are in all probability poring about and evaluating Will Smith’s steps at the Oscars. Their concentrate will pretty much absolutely be on three significant aspects. One is Will going for walks all the way from his seat to the phase to slap Chris Rock. The other is his outburst, “Get my wife’s identify out of your f–king mouth.” The last is the remark, “Love will make you do nuts points.”   

Why will these mental health gurus be wanting at Will Smith’s steps at the Oscars? To obtain solutions. Listed here are a couple concerns they are most likely pondering:

  • 1. Does Will Smith have anger concerns?
  • 2. Is this show of aggression an outlier or normal conduct?
  • 3. If he could exhibit such violence prior to the environment, what would he do when no a person is watching?
  • 4. Is he a bully who picks on perceived susceptible folks?
  • 5. Has he shown this form of aggression before and what brought on it?
  • 6. Is this a normal actions when he is beneath tension or stress?
  • 7. How does he react when things are not likely his way or he feels slighted?

Thank You, Chris Rock

Now I must solution why I keep thanking Chris Rock. When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stay television, he was stunned but relaxed. He taken care of it in a way that was definitely mature. Chris took the slap like a male and ongoing his act. It is not farfetched to envision what could have took place had Chris long gone right after Will. Organizers of the Oscars would have stopped the display due to the fact of the commotion and visitors managing helter-skelter to escape the violence that would have ensued. 

The ensuing pandemonium would have affirmed what a BBC commentator known as the “A Black Instant at the Oscars.” The only motive the circumstance did not degenerate is since of Chris Rock. He executed himself properly in this kind of a dehumanizing scenario. Compared with Will, he did not let his moi dictate his actions. He carried himself like a male protected in his masculinity.  That is why I keep saying thank you, Chris Rock.

Will Smith Can’t Want Away the Oscars slap

Will Smith should be kicking himself now. He will have to be thinking what received into him and why he acted like an egomaniac in entrance of the total planet. The trouble is that no make a difference how tough he tries, Will will never be ready to wish the Oscars instant absent. The Oscars slap is now a aspect of record, and these in the psychological health marketplace will use it to train purchasers how not to behave. On top of that, it will provide as a device for teaching self-command and how to take care of phony and poisonous masculinity. Possibly it will be element of the training applications applied to educate Will Smith about his habits when he goes to therapy to master how to regulate and control pressure and suppressed anger.

Although Will has apologized to the Academy and later on to Chris, he has to reside with the repercussions of his action. Previously, his videos and other jobs have been set on ice because of his despicable behavior. He has also been barred from attending the Oscars or functions structured by the Motion Picture Academy for 10 yrs. It is heartbreaking that this is happening to an actor I adore at an critical time in his career. Evidently, Will really should have taken the knowledge imparted by Denzel Washington. Painfully, he did not. He was not thorough plenty of, and he authorized the satan to get him at his greatest moment.

Must psychological overall health gurus assess Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars? What do you believe? Share your feelings. Leave a comment.


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