Why Should You Not Buy Art from Random Online Sources?

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People buy art because they love it. Collecting artwork is a passion for many. Artwork could be a perfect gift item for the interior decoration of a space.

Art is an extension of our being, even if we aren’t artists. Artworks can invite you to have an engaging conversation with your guests by setting the tone of a room. It elicits emotion every time we look at it. Buying art is not a purchase but an investment as we invest a little bit of ourselves in work.

Artworks can portray your love for aesthetics. But, more than ownership, a sound knowledge of the mechanism is beneficial. Buyers must have intelligent buying decisions.

The world is slowly shifting towards digital purchasing and online transactions; however, online purchases have their pros and cons.

The article will discuss the cons first and then show you how to overcome them.

Risks associated with online painting purchase

There are certain risks involved when you buy art online India.

●      Transparency: The cons of online painting shopping are many, but the most important part is transparency. Remember, art isn’t a product but an expensive investment. The selling procedure must have the clarity to be a fair and transparent purchase.

●      Condition: The condition issue of an art piece is another major concern while buying them online. Check the condition report, and it should be easily accessible.

●      Cataloguing:  Another potentially-fatal misstep is the lack of surveillance when it comes to cataloguing. The catalogue should mention artists, exhibition history, any known provenance, evidence of authenticity, and literary citations.

●     Identification: Novice buyers must be careful of print media labels. Often they misguide you as if you are purchasing a unique rather than an editioned print. These could be unintentional omissions or typos.

●      Quality Assurance: The most prominent reason for not buying art online comes down to quality assurance. Purchasing artwork solely depends on a computer image. It can cost you a lot of money which does not even include the shipping fees. Often the images are distorted, or the colours are enhanced. The light effect has an important role to play.

If you want to connect with a piece, then have it fit your style. Nothing compares to the old saying “what you see is what you get” or an in-person experience.

●      Proper Measurement: Artwork might look great through online media, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit exactly right in your home. It’s a must to recheck the size and do the proper measuring.

More so, ordering art online places a lot of pressure on DIY installation. When you purchase paintings directly from an art gallery, you enjoy personal art services. Here you can sit back and enjoy the view without much hassle.

However, all art shipping is not the same. Artshoppy offers a flexible shipping experience for their customers.

●      Shipping Anxiety: Suppose you’ve navigated the online art market and hired a company to take the risk of the heavy lifting. The order is placed. Your artwork is en route. But, unfortunately, it arrived damaged. Now what?

Depending on your selection of online sites for art purchasing, art objects can go through several rounds of handling and mishandling. Sometimes artworks arrive damaged, especially the larger ones. There comes the hassle of returning. This could be the biggest anxiety for online art buyers. It leaves you to do nothing until it arrives at your door.

Thinking of buying art online to avoid the hassle of visiting stores in person? We recommend you not to. Although there are numerous reliable art dealers, nothing can provide you with as much satisfaction and security as offline buying.

These are all critically important facts while deducing values for making wise investment choices.

How Can You Make a Genuine Shopping Experience? 

Following are the steps to follow to avoid the risks.

1.     Insurance & Authenticity: An agreement of authenticity of the artist is crucial to know it is not an inexpensive imitation. The framed art pieces are authorized by the manufacturer.

2.     Value for money: Before you invest in paintings, browse for some resources, as galleries have their rates to authenticate the value.

3.     Check Features: Before you buy original paintings for sale, check the variety of materials like metal, bronze, wood, clay stone, and other new modern materials.

4.     Research: It is great to know more about an artist before you buy art online, its origin, and its anecdote. Research through the Internet to develop an impression of understanding of the artists and their artworks.

5. Cross-check the legitimacy: Contact the promoters of the online store, and assess their professional backgrounds and knowledge in the concerned area.

Go through the website for legitimacy. Always collect the invoice.

6.     Make your budget: Get a general idea of the size or scale. These factors may help you deduce a budget. It’s a smart idea to fix the budget while purchasing artwork.

7. Helpful Customer Service: While you fix your mind on buying original paintings for sale, clarify your queries. Stores like Artshoppy.com offer 24/7 support.

8. Protected payment method: The store you select must protect your money. Check whether the website uses an SSL certificate and maintains industry standards to secure data and payment. A responsible art store must also offer various payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc.

9. Good Return policy: You must have a fair idea about the return policy. Some online portals offer a detailed refund in case the painting has been returned unbroken at the purchaser’s expense within the stipulated time.

Don’t worry; purchases are quite easy at Artshoppy.com with a click of a button. Both common sense and connoisseurship are essential for such investment. Check all relevant information on cataloguing and return policy details.

The three most crucial factors for painting buying

If you are an art collector or aspire to be one, make sure that the artwork is authentic. There are rampant forgeries, especially in the online art market.

Always request documentation with every purchase, which is known as provenance in the art world. Auction houses and in-person galleries have this on hand.

The three most crucial factors behind an artwork are your connection with that piece, its theme, and its colours. Remember them while making a purchase. Try to choose a particular painting or sculpture that creates positive energy each time the beholders look at it.

Art is a personal choice and can be interpreted in various ways. There is no one size fits all formula. Your view on art is always personal, and opinions can always differ. Have some patience, figure out what you like, consider the space, and stay within your means.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you are aware of the risks take reasonable steps to get them for the interior decorations. Remember, identifying empty spaces is essential to display a piece of artwork. It’s not obligatory to place them high on walls. Keep them low, leaning against walls. 

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