A Rejection of the Male Gaze Through the Lens of the Internet


Angela Santana: A solo exhibition curated by Phoebe Saatchi Yates and Arthur Yates
8 June-31 August 2022
Saatchi Yates
6 Cork Street

Saatchi Yates is delighted to present a powerful exhibition by Zurich-born artist Angela Santana, bringing alongside one another above 14 paintings in an exploration and rejection of the male fantasy. An empowering reinterpretation of the male gaze, the new exhibition sees Santana switch her consideration to the Online and embrace it as her fashionable-working day muse to transform the woman human body from item to subject matter.

With a apply rooted in the rejection of the classical, conservative, and male-dominated business, Santana radically disrupts regular approaches to portray by deconstructing hundreds of levels of electronic artwork and reimagining them through her massive-scale oil canvases.

Angela Santana - Spearmint Success
Angela Santana – Spearmint Achievements, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 51 x 77.5inch

Operating with the mass of illicit images on line, the artist mirrors its vast demand in culture, observing the record of the female entire body in the arts and its long lasting affect in today’s electronic age. Using inspiration from New York woman painting predecessors such as Cecily Brown, Joan Semmel, Dana Schutz, and Ga O’Keeffe, Santana asks us to rethink the electricity of the feminine painter, and her topics.

Angela Santana, Monument, 2018, Oil on Canvas
Angela Santana, Monument, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 79x60in, 201.9 x 153.7cm

Her get the job done reinterprets the subjugation of the gaze, powerfully reconfiguring her topics into guarded, and reimagined figures. Santana notes: “by shifting the object to become the new issue, I spotlight how, all over history, photos of girls had been usually passive and pleasing”. Santana creates this very change in her new exhibition by bringing us into a room of guarded woman erotic illustration, that vastly contrasts passivity, and meekness.

Angela Santana, Love Is Now, 2016, Oil on Canvas
Angela Santana, Like Is Now, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 84 x 118in, 214 x 300cm

Employing a painstaking system that sees the artist compose just about every artwork digitally through hundreds of layers, Santana dismantles and reinterprets each individual found graphic even though enabling electronic anomalies drench into her work in advance of bringing it on to substantial-scale canvases in oil. Emphasising the strength and permanence of her perform by means of the medium of oil painting, Santana’s demanding massive-scale figures is an antagonist to the fleeting electronic thumbnail.

Capturing the solid contrast of the sharp electronic procedure and rigid brushstroke that combines with the natural and organic designs of the woman overall body, the artist’s function is meant to be highly effective rather than satisfying. Breaking tradition to query the position quo, the exhibition reimagines how we may well present, witness, and digest female bodies inside visible arts.


©2022 Angela Santana, Saatchi Yates


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