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The building of the Livensa Residing Studios Madrid Alcobendas project culminates with the mural intervention of additional than 138 sq. meters of the artist Uriginal, who has represented a femme character, which fusions Athena, the Greek goddess of war and civilization, with Minerva, the Roman goddess of knowledge and the arts. The figure’s encounter features glance like a mosaic created of a myriad of color hues. The artist’s contact is remarkable in this perform, a mark characterised by the deconstruction of natural types to visually reinterpret them by geometric compositions that play with lights and shadows, and diverse volumes.

Departing from the command of colour and anatomy, the artwork troubles the beholder to query how our eye deciphers what we see, which is constituted by a million of chromatic factors that are purchased by sight into a form that would make feeling. The training that Uriginal executes is an inverted “trompe l’oeil” – as an alternative of earning his hand invisible, the artist highlights the coding of the image leaving it in its initial point out, without having interpretations or nuances.

Minerva’s fragmented face is complemented by a different of the artist’s marks: the lively sunflower-like colours emanating from the determine transport us to a modern day apparition of the goddess. At the similar time, it reaffirms the artist’s mission of making an attempt to reveal the mysteries of colour.

Uri, otherwise recognised as Uriginal, is an artist dependent in Barcelona, who has gained substantial recognition for his artwork which information, a combination of historic artwork items with modern components. By using the subjects from popular performs of artwork he brings a new standpoint of existence to his is effective by adding vivid colours and daring traces.

Adhering to with the theme of combining modern components to classics, he consists of the uses of kaleidoscopic geometry during a major amount of his works, possessing a heavy impact from fellow Spaniard and world-renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí and his application of multi-coloured mosaics in his functions.

The pieces built by Uri have an essence of currently being preserved by father time with a emphasis on a specified matter or incidence. The combination of this along with the tessellations of the mosaics presents the illusion of constant enhancement or alternation and the colours, humour and creativeness is part and parcel of Uri’s expression.

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