Finding New Customers | Sophia Sohyun Kim | Episode 823


Sophia Sohyun Kim | Episode 823

Sophia Sohyun Kim enjoys operating with clay. The inspiration of doing work with clay, the texture of reliefs, and reduce outs are energizing to Sophia. Throwing clay on the potter’s wheel, in certain, can be addictive to Sophia as it is quiet and personal it is like a meditation for her as she has to middle herself in advance of she can centre the clay. Trees have been Sophia’s obsession for a long time. Her fascination on tree barks began although taking pictures of birch, oak, and cedar trees in the Pacific Northwest. Sophia has been mesmerized that the the trees all feel to have scars on their barks and test to convey to us their stories which contact to us… Sophia watchfully listens to their stories to share botanic exquisiteness over and above cicatrix.


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They say the ideal purchaser to locate is the customer you presently had. They are the lowest priced to maintain. So how do you keep in contact with the purchaser foundation that you have taken many years to build when you had a wonderful area?

That’s a good dilemma. I actually have very a few true clients that have been gathering my get the job done considering that my initially job. 8 several years back I commenced this signature type and at any time considering that I have rather a several clients coming again and getting in contact with me by electronic mail or texting and they arrive to my studio by generating an appointment and obtain from the studio. So I am very fortunate for the reason that I have a good deal of loyal existing customers.

Do you have an e mail listing that you access out by to your buyers?

I do have an e mail record but I am not genuinely a tech man or woman. I am genuinely bad with the personal computer. I dislike technological innovation. I hate sitting down in entrance of the pc. I do not head performing it on the phone with Instagram or e-mail. I have so quite a few e-mails piled up for 8 yrs and I experienced to assemble them together and manage them so that is one more to the list that I haven’t done. (laughter)

Do you ever question your existing clients to convey to their buddies?

I really do not commonly, but they do. (laughter) So I respect my prospects for the reason that they are actually good folks. Most of my buyers are actually good, they are humble down to the earth, and they are not abundant, wealthy, folks but they love my perform.

Does staying aspect of Specialized niche support buyers discover you?

Certainly, I think so. There are 15 diverse artists so if for instance one particular artist has a single hundred existing clients then it is how lots of hundreds of friends and household possibly who will be paying. So for confident.

How do you uncover new consumers?

Instagram. (laughter) When I was at the market I was not active at all on social media. I am not a social media variety of person and I was not emotion incredibly comfy exposing me and my operate, to0 substantially on social media due to the fact it was not needed. I now had excellent exposure at the market place and why would I be bothered, correct? I did not even have enough time to make and provide at the sector, a great deal of men and women told me I should do Instagram and that it was terrific exposure and I dismissed them. (laughter) Then I got out of the marketplace and I experienced no wherever to go and all the shows were being cancelled and the industry was closed so I did not know what to do and I realized that I had to do Instagram.

My previous issue is: Is there anything that you want I would have requested you?

My signature design: Rusty Birch. My birch style and design and how it was produced and the story behind it.

Inform me. 

I just adore trees. I grew up suburban in South Korea and any time I go to faculty I experienced to stroll into the forest, not a forest, but by way of the trees and I just really feel at home any time I walk inside of the trees. And my tree bark structure commenced from portray and drawing and getting pictures of West Coastline tree barks. So I made use of to just take a ton of photographs of bark and bark would seem to communicate to me in some way. And they have a whole lot of scars on the exterior and every time I seem at the scar or the bark of the tree it feels like it’s chatting to me. I did not indicate to develop bark texture or something, it just arrived to me. It just happened one working day, I was actively playing with the slip and texture and scratching a sharpening them and it arrived to me 1 day. So it was just meant to be, I think.


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