From Conductor to Clay | Lucia Matos | Episode 840


Lucia Matos | Episode 840

An orchestra conductor turned potter, Lucia Matos is at first from Brazil and lives now in the Chicago region. After getting to minimize short her conducting career because of to hearing complications, Lucia found out clay, and with that, she overcame grief and regained her innovative voice and lifetime reason.



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I am curious, in this phase of your daily life what is your preferred kind to make?

I like to make vases and bowls and bottles.

What is your beloved glaze that you like to perform with?

So what I am accomplishing now truly due to the fact I have about 1 hundred and fifty pieces that I have bisqued but I have not glazed them simply because I am performing glaze experiments since I have been studying glaze chemistry. And so significantly the glaze that I like the most effective from all the checks that I have produced was a crater glaze because I really like the texture. A person of them had some diverse tones in the similar glaze. But also those people satin glazes, I adore them far too.

Photograph taken with Focos

So you are making an attempt to make your very own glazes as opposed to invest in professional glazes?

Sure, I am.

Photograph taken with Focos

Are you finding out from a certain reserve?

I took the Ceramic Supplies workshop from Matt and Rose Katz.

I took two programs that they have on line and they are amazing. It’s like currently you have opportunities only if you went to a College, a extremely good method. We stay in a really excellent time where by we have so lots of sources. It was superb to get that course.

What is acquired you thrilled in the studio right now?

I want so substantially to do the job on sectional pieces this summertime. I have made a number of but I would like to aim on that. So this 7 days now that is what I would like to do.

What has you pissed off in the studio right now?

Not having a satin glaze. For the reason that I made thirty assessments for a satin glaze and they all came out not the way I hoped.

What is your favorite day night point to do?

I really don’t know, we observe motion pictures, we go for walks. Heading for walks is often fantastic. But the art institute and heading for walks in downtown Chicago, those are my preferred items to do.


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