Taiwo Oduala: Coming Up with Original Film Ideas 

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You might have seen tons of writers with a notebook filled with overflowing ideas or writers who spend hours staring at a screen, waiting for inspiration to strike at any given moment. It makes one think how lucky we are to come up with ideas when many of us lack the same talent. 

Since not all of us are gifted with the ability to come up with good ideas at the drop of a hat, we have to go through an artistic block before we finally come up with the perfect idea for our projects. But what can we do to improve our skills to think more creatively? Here are a few ways. 

Turning Off Your Phones and Going Outside 

You might have already heard of this, but simply going outside without the company of your devices can do wonders when coming up with ideas. Sometimes you need to look away from your screen to find the perfect picture right in front of you. 

Without these digital distractions, you can look around and observe potential ideas in front of you. Look at people walking and conversing. You can even go on a trip or a hike if you need to be inspired by nature. 

Looking Into Real Life 

You can even develop ideas from real-life events instead of something from scratch. Some people would take examples from their own or others’ lives as a basis for their movies. 

For example, 500 Days of Summer – written by Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter, were based on every bad relationship experience they had and then decided to use it for their movie. 

Focus On What Connects With You 

Most people start their movies from the point of passion. It would be best to work on a project you are passionate about – something that ignites your passion and gets you going. This will also come across in your writing and bring more authenticity to your work since you will know more about your love than other writers. 

Many aspiring filmmakers have a massive passion for their work and wish to share their stories with the world. You can see a lot of that in several projects, especially if you look at the work done by Taiwo Adejonwo Oduala – a highly acclaimed Nigerian-American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor known all across the globe. 

He began his career in the entertainment and filmmaking industry in 1991 as a stage/television director until he started training full-time as a screen and film director. His first directed film came out in 1997, “The Future Adams,” followed by ‘The Reward,’ ‘Belief,’ ‘The Unknown Suspect,’ and many more. 

Oduala has directed many technical and creative films, which include action, comedy, and movies with special visual effects. Some of his establishments include the prestigious Oduataj Entertainment, where he serves as the president and is also a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria. Moreover, he is also the proud CEO of Oduatah Productions And Entertainment, Inc.

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