“Turning the Page” in Beirut, Lebanon with Spaz, Kabrit and Exist


To turn the webpage is to development. It is generally tricky, though, to flip a page. Just about every page  — as is every new day — is a contemporary start that holds uncertainties. Ultimately, the page must flip, no issue how long we just take to mirror on it. And in Beirut, a metropolis plagued by tragedy, poverty, economic crisis and corruption, we’ve uncovered how to flip the web site and go forward.

The function pictured right here, Turning the Page – قلبة الصفحة – is how 3 artists — Spaz, Kabrit and Exist — are transferring ahead in collaboration with the nonprofit business Beitelbaraka to renovate Geitewe, a community that experienced been devastated by Beirut’s 2020 large explosion.

Beirut-based mostly Spaz

Lebanese artist Kabrit

Beirut-dependent graffiti artist and graphic designer Exist 

Exist, depth

Exclusive many thanks to Spaz for this post

Photographs by Lebanese photographer Ihab Fayad 


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